“Why do we focus on our faults instead of our strengths?”

“Will my daughter feel pressured to make the decisions her friends or boyfriend want her to make instead of making her own choices?”

“I wish she could see that strong, beautiful person inside that I see.”

“What kind of messages are our girls getting from the media and what do we want them to know instead?”

Many people have these concerns about their daughter, granddaughter, student, friend, or even themselves. Karefish’s Girl emPower Hour Work-shop was developed to help pre-teens, teens, and women make good decisions about their lives by recognizing their strengths, thinking about goals, and building their confidence. The workshop will help empower them to make choices about relationships and actions that support their own goals rather than responding to pressure from others.

I especially want every girl to know she is beautiful – inside and out.

  • Small groups~pre-teens~young teens~high school~adults
  • Weekly~one-hour workshop~four-week sessions
  • Cost $25 per week~$80 total if paid in full first week

Read what former participants have said about the experience:

Things I learned in this workshop:

  • “I am good enough.”
  • “I am who I am and no one should be able to change that.”
  • “I don’t need a boy to be happy.”
  • “To allow myself to lead me through the maze of life and not depend on the opinions of others.”
  • “To remember all my strengths and positive attributes.”
Parent Feedback:

  • “She is getting better at setting boundaries and voicing her opinion.”
  • “She was able to end a relationship with a friend who wasn’t treating her well.”
  • “She is stronger and more confident.”